Time To Glow


Colorescience Pep-Up Concentrate (Pep-up Pen) | Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Rose) from Sephora

Colorescience Pep-Up Concentrate (Pep-up Pen) | Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Bronze) from Sephora

Having always wanted that glow on my skin that I had seen in magazines and in pictures on the internet, I had tested out many recommended products at Sephora and even products at my mom’s skin care clinic… Then finally after narrowing down to a few choices, I felt that I had finally found THE products to give me that glow in a few easy steps and here they are:

1. The Colorescience Pep-Up Concentrate (aka Pep-up Pen): For me it is called the “Glowing Stick” 🙂 This product never leaves my makeup bag. I had stumbled upon this product in my mother’s skin care clinic and had decided to try it out (like I try out all the products) and found that it gave me that instant glow that  I was searching for! I used it under my eye concealer (because it said in the product catalogue to use on “tired eyes and lips”) as it gave me a smoother look and also a glow on the side of my eyes and above my cheek bones. I was asking myself what the secret ingredients were and I found out that the peptide blend works to erase the appearance of fatigue and leaves any “wrinkle-prone areas” looking refreshed, additionally the liquid crystals gives that glow finish on your skin as it reflects the light. From my own use, I have found that the glow can also come from using this product on your nose in one stroke with the wand applicator with some powder or foundation over. This is my experience so far with the Pep-up Concentrate and I look forward to finding more uses with it and sharing those!

2. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (Bronze): The Shimmer Brick comes in a few different colours, but after a long conversation with the Sephora “expert” and in knowing what goes well with my skin tone, I decided to get the Bronze one. I have been a long time fan of Bobbi Brown products, and after hearing all the buzz around the Shimmer Brick I decided that this would be a next try to get that glow finish for my skin and it was a success. I use all 5 bars of the Shimmer Brick with a powder brush over my nose, chin and cheek bones as a final touch before finishing off my makeup application and it leaves my skin with a luminescent finish. Within the Shimmer Brick there are 5 bars of colours, this allows for multiple functions, that can be used as eye shadows and eye highlighters. For me, I use the gold bar and/or pink bar as eye shadows and the white shimmer bar as an eye highlighter to accentuate the glow on my nose and cheek bones and to accent my eyes.

Both products are an easy way to achieve that glow and to integrate into any makeup regimen!

12 thoughts on “Time To Glow

  1. Jess A says:

    Having bought a Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer, I am now totally addicted to her stuff! I just love it! Also, do you think the ‘pep up pen’ works as an illuminator? I’ve been looking for an illuminating cream but haven’t had a ton of luck.

    • Alyshea Surani says:

      That is great 🙂 I love her products too and want to discover more! The “pep up pen” definitely can be used as an illuminator and can be mixed in with any cream. I will talk about the “pep-up gel” soon which can be used over your whole face and has the same effect and can be mixed with a moisturizer or can also be a substitute for your primer. Additionally, I will talk about some skin care creams that can be illuminating so please stay tuned 🙂

  2. Natasha says:

    Love this Alyshea! So far, I have only tried bobbi brown blushes, but everyone is always raving about the shimmer brick! Love your blog! xo

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