My 5 Summer Essentials


ViverSkin Sun Protection 45 | Flora by Gucci – Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum | Jane Iredale – Pommist Hydration Spray


Tea of Life – Pacific Fruit Tea


Square Gold Earrings with Black Sapphires

As it is a miserable and rainy day today, I have been missing the lovely sun and I guess this is the time to prepare for when the sun returns again and while the summer days last so that I can maximize my summer styles! I have decided to share my 5 summer essentials that have so far carried me through the summer months:

1. VivierSkin Sun Protection 45: A sunscreen is essential during the summer months as we always need to protect our skin from the UV rays. I just came across this effective product about 6 months ago and have been using it everyday for the last 3 months. I am in love with all ViverSkin products as they have a lightness and richness about them. This sunscreen is particularly light and doesn’t leave a white residue as it quickly absorbs into the skin (one thing that I can’t stand when I used to use sunscreens from the drugstore as a young child). It is a medical grade skin care product and protects against both UVA and UVB which is critical – you cannot afford to miss out on one of those two types of protections! I ideally use this product every morning after I have washed my face and put on my serum and before I have applied my moisturizer, however, sometimes I am in a rush and just use the sunscreen as a moisturizer which also works but it isn’t suppose to replace your moisturizer. You don’t need to use a lot of the VivierSkin Sun Protection 45 and it should last you the whole summer.

2. Flora by Gucci- Gorgeous Gardenia Eau de Parfum: I had been in search for such a long time for my perfect scent and tried out many perfumes that I felt embodied my personality and style, however, I was never able to find “THE” scent. Just this past December I came across the Gorgeous Gardenia by Gucci and it was “love at first smell,” it was perfection for me. It had this florally intoxicating smell that I couldn’t get enough of.  I had read that Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini said that “With Flora by Gucci, I wanted to express the loveliness of the Flora woman: charming, romantic, and optimistic” and this perfectly fit what I always aspired to, a “Flora Woman.” I love this scent especially for the summer time as it is very fresh and dainty.

3. Jane Iredale Pommist Hydration Spray: This hydration spray is great for both the summer and winter months. Because our skins become more oily during the summer months, this hydration spray is helpful in setting makeup for the day. The smell is invigorating as it has a  pomegranate extract ingredient which is also a powerful antioxidant and UV protector. In the heat, this spray leaves the skin feeling refreshed!

4. Tea of Life – Pacific Fruit Tea: Teas are the love of my life – I don’t know what I would do without tea! I never leave my house in the morning without tea (especially chai). I found chai very heavy for the summer time so I wanted to try out some fruit teas. I got a package of teas from Tea of Life and just couldn’t get enough of the Pacific Fruit Tea flavour and plus you can make it cold too on those really hot days 🙂

5. Earrings: These were just one of my pairs of earrings that I had “borrowed” (pretty much stolen .. lol) from my mom’s closet. I love earrings during summer because they can really brighten up an outfit and especially if you tie your hair up. I find that the little things can really make a big difference in your style.

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