Natural & Radiant Waves

IMG_3694How to get this Look:

Step 1: After you wash your hair, comb it thoroughly.  Then put your hair in a messy bun for a couple of hours (around 2-6 hrs for optimal results). If you don’t have the time then dry it out with a blow dryer and then when it is almost dry but still a bit damp, put it in a messy bun for around 10-30min.

Step 2: When you take it out of the bun, blow-dry your hair while using your hand to scrunch up your hair (use this technique whether you left your bun in for 10 min or even ~ 6hrs) until dry.

Step 3: After you are done drying then use a serum, gel, or mousse to set it. My favourite product to use is the Oribe Gel Serum. It has a gold shimmer look which gives your hair a shine. Use a pea-size amount and work it through your ends – this will leave your hair with radiant looking waves! IMG_4183

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