About Me

Having always been asked about what I do in terms of my fashion and beauty care regimens, I have decided to open up my very own space to discuss these things.

What I plan to share with you: inspiration for your daily fashion styles, skin care tips, fashion and life quotes, my first attempts at photography πŸ™‚

I hope this blog is a spot where we can all share insightful and inspiring information about beauty, fashion, and just life in general.

I Β have always been fascinated by the latest fashion and beauty news. I believe that finding your own personal style is the most important as that is how you can truly express yourself.

Thank you for taking interest and look forward to all your comments and tips.

Contact me at stylesurani@gmail.com

Instagram: @stylesurani

46 thoughts on “About Me

  1. vannidapooh7 says:

    OMG!!! An actual celeb, Miss Canada Universe no less, checked out my blog and also liked one of my posts!?! 😯 I’m literally over the moon! πŸ˜€ Are you planning to make a foray into the movies at all? You certainly have the looks for it! Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you’ll continue liking my irreverent take on Bollywood in the future as well. XOXO

    • Alyshea Surani says:

      Thank you so much for your compliment! I was fortunate to take part in the pageant and it was great experience. Haven’t yet thought about getting into movies – maybe one day πŸ™‚ I love everything about Bollywood and came across your blog- will definitely keep an eye out for any of your posts and updates!

  2. Balraj Singh says:

    Very nice description of yourself and of your blog.
    You said that finding your own personal style is one of the most important things. Can you please tell me that what thoughts work behind while going for style and what exactly accor. to you is definition of style?
    As you are one of the successful participant of an international competition, can you describe how attitude and body language can make you different from others and how bold fashion is completely different from vulgarity. Actually the reason behind my request is that people in my region are just copy cats, they copy others in terms of fashion and tell others that ‘they are up to date’ while they don’t feel dresses, they don’t feel fashion, they don’t feel style and moreover they don’t even know style.
    So the deal is that you describe what I’ve requested and I will spread your word on my blog, on my facebook and on tumblr(i can even arrange questions and you can answer them just like in interview). And I will recommend your blog to my friends.
    I just want to guide people and I’ll certainly appreciate your precious help.

    • Alyshea Surani says:

      Thank you so much for your thought provoking questions and comments. This has precisely been the reason behind this blog. I will address these in an upcoming post with reference to you and I hope that I can bring something to the discussion! Best, Alyshea

      • Balraj Singh says:

        Thanks Alyshea I will look forward to it. Actually when I’ll tell people that the finalist of this particular competition is saying this, then they may listen closely πŸ˜€

  3. swamiupendra says:

    Nice to know about you and your work as well as interests. Photography is something common between us and I hope everybody likes to travel, which is my field. I might be travelling to Canada next month probably.

  4. meticulousmick says:

    Tres Chic! Was trying to guess your location from the photos and got completely perplexed. Thanks for coming over to my own site and giving a like to my “versatile award” post. Really appreciated. I wouldn’t know fashion if it bit me on the backside, but I would say that you definitely have style and to me that is way classier than fashion / trends alone. From someone who appreciates fine things in life, MM πŸ€

  5. prerixx says:

    You seem like such a lovely lady, Alyshea! Also, thank you so very much for checking my blog. I appreciate it! Yours is absolutely stunning, glad I came across! Xx

    • Style Surani says:

      Thanks so much! My friends take my photos and sometimes I use a tripod and have the camera on a self timer. I use a canon t4i. It is a really good camera! The lense is really what matters though- the 50mm lense is the best! Good luck:) x

  6. blogwithmimi says:

    Hello there…

    I have looked through your blog and you have a very classic style … i love it!!

    Thank you for liking blogwithmimi!!

    As promised here is your 25% off discount code to use on mi-miclothing.co.uk


    Happy Shopping!! xx

  7. wecominhome says:

    Discovered your blog when you commented on ours and I cannot stop scrolling through it! Love your style, and just thought you should know you earned another loyal follower πŸ™‚
    Have a lovely day!


  8. Eijaz Pardhan says:

    Yam Alyshea Surani, this is Eijaz Pardhan from karachi Pakistan. I like your blogs, i like your passion on fashion, it will be an honour for me if i help you. Wish you a luck for the future. MAM and regards from my side.

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